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DIY Nail Art Tools with 5 Easy Nail Art Designs! How to Paint your Nails at Home!

DIY Nail art with no tools! In this nail art tutorial I show how to paint your nails at home. We will pimp our nails using 23 different DIY nail art tools that everyone has at home. We are making 5 nail art designs using them. So don’t worry if you don’t have any nail art tools or if you are a nail art beginner, you still can create any nail art design you want using DIY nail art tools! I will show 5 easy nail art designs step by step perfect for nail art beginners with short or long nails.

Your nails can be painted using sponges, tapes, band aids, pencils, painting brushes, pens, straws, q­tips, matches, toothpicks, nails, screws, wire, paper clips, bobby pins, paper pins and much more… All that can be used to make fantastic nail art designs. In this DIY, I show five nail art designs using these tools.

First I show how to make an adorable baby penguin nail art. Baby penguins have grey fur, but I went for the blue. You can chose any color of you choice or you can even make different colored penguins on each nail. What I like the most about this penguin nail art are the eyes. I made anime inspired eyes and I think these made the penguin and my nails look so cute!

In this nail art tutorial I also show how to easily create a minion nail art. This one is so easy to make and looks amazing. Perfect nail art for all of us Despicable me movie lovers! I show you how to make the Minion nail art using a pencil, q-tip, tape and a straw. This nail design is perfect for an accent to a solid manicure or you can make Minions on all the nails. For an even more fun look, make a slightly different minion for each nails: one eyed, two eyed, happy, surprised and so on.

A very fun nail art perfect for summer is a watermelon nail art! Watermelon is one of my favorite summer treats, so why not having it on our nails?! For this delicious watermelon DIY design I also show how to incorporate this lovely watermelon design into an easy and pretty mix & match manicure. I made a cut watermelon on my ring finger, a whole watermelon on the middle finger and thumb, and a simple red nail with a black dot on the pointer and the pinky.

If you watched my previous nail art tutorial, you know that I absolutely love nail art designs that include blue skies and white fluffy clouds. Here I am making a variation, where I am adding cute faces to some of the clouds. Eyes, mouth and adorable rosy cheeks. These would look super cute if you make different faces on different clouds. One smiling, one sleeping, one surprised.

Last but definitely not least I show an ocean nail art design, perfect for the summer days. In this DIY nail art I included blue gradient for the base, a yellow fish and oxygen baubles and lastly a big red coral. This nail design is perfect for the warm summer days and makes me want to travel to exotic places so much!

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