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How to Fix ”Low Back” Pain Naturally & Permanently at Home Without Any Medicines

In this video, Dr. Raj Satpute talks about the causes of low back pain & a step by step Ayurvedic Treatment for permanently curing low back pain. The treatment is called as Kati Basti in Ayurveda.

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Complete Step by Step Process to Fix Low Back Pain Naturally

– Can be done at Home
– Absolutely no charges
– No side effects
– Relieves Pain, Stiffness, Swelling & Inflammation
– Gives Strength to the Low Back Bones, Muscles & Soft Tissues
– Extremely Relaxing

Indications :
1) Sciatica
2) Slip disc
3) Lumbar Spondylosis
4) Lumbar Spondylitis
5) Degenerative Disc Disease, etc

* Mode Of Action *

As per Ayurveda,
Almost all pains are caused due to –
Aggravation of Vayu (mainly degenerative types of pain) – This further leads to depletion and degeneration of tissues

This helps in :
Avarana of Vayu (enveloping of smooth functioning of Vayu by one or the other element of the body including Pitta, Kapha, Dhatus – tissues, etc)

As per modern science,
Oil and herbal active principles get absorbed through skin medium.
The hot oil also helps to improve the gap between the vertebrae, thus giving a chance for the herniated disc to heal.

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