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How to get glowy glass skin | Mary Kay antiaging skincare routine by Style Coach Julia

How to get glowy glass skin | Mary Kay skincare routine by Julia TV

Many of my clients asking for how to achieve glass skin!! It’s not too late to learn how to take care of your skin! Pm me to try n learn!

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In this video I am using MARY Kay products as follow :
– Timewise 3D 4 in 1 cleanser (normal to dry version)
– oil free hydrating gel
– microdermabrasion step 1 and 2
– Timewise renewing gel mask
– Timewise repair radiance peel

Twice a week exfoliation of your skin is a must to do!

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Dearest customers or my consultants, pls contact me on whether you are suitable for
This treatment. Like I said if you are seasoned MARY Kay skincare user like me, you can use it.

All Ages above 25 can do!

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