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One of the top uses of hypnosis today is helping the battle of the bulge. When many of us step on a scale, we deal with frustration and even anger at what we see, especially if we are already doing a diet and workout regime. Continuously times we think “I have eaten what I should, done what I should why am I not losing weight?

The fact is the goal may be achieved but when we burn fat in our bodies, nature builds lean muscle. From there our body goes on to build stronger and better bone as well. Fat takes up more space in your bodies, alternatively, lean muscle and bone will weigh more than fat. It is better if we focus more on the way our clothing is fitting then the pounds that the scale is showing. The first challenge you have when going into any kind of weight loss is to change the perspective of what you are going to be doing. You must change your idea of what you are seeing when you step on the scale.

Weight loss has numerous negative emotion connected with it. When you hear someone say weight loss, you tend to associate a deep struggle, being unhappy, and being hungry always with it. Also, the simple fact is when we as people lose something our first instinct is to find it again. Whilst we may want to lose weight, something inside of us might tell us to find it again. Instead, use a different term, slimming down or toning up so that it is not such a negative wording.

Everyone on the planet is on one kind of diet or another. Everything that you eat or drink is a form of diet whether it is good or bad. It is Garfield who pointed out perfectly as well when looking at the word diet, it is just dying with a T on the end of it. Rather than looking at it in a negative way of dieting, look at it with regards to life change. That change is changing how you eat and what you eat.

Those who work with weight regulate in hypnosis consider that how you view yourself is an important part of a weight loss program when hypnosis is involved. The image that one holds in their mind tends to be the image that the body will emulate. If you have a view of yourself as being a fat person, your body will continue to stay that way. Through the process of hypnotherapy and hypnosis, an old image of yourself is replaced when you picture and create a new picture of yourself, one that you’ll relate to more and feel comfortable.

This new image of a healthy and fit you are an image that the body will now conform to. Also, the hypnotist will provide suggestions to increase the drive for you to drink water and decrease the drive to eat foods that are high in fat and create a desire for a healthy lifestyle. This, therefore, will work with how and when you eat as well as why you’re eating and the emotions that come with eating.

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Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis: Ultimate Guide to Lose Weight Fast Price: $19.95 $17.46 (as of 20/03/2020 06:10 PST- Details)
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